about our F1 parents:


Shay is a happy 6-year-old medium-dark and medium-sized AKC Golden Retriever with a super friendly, playful and even temperament. Shay weighs 65 pounds and stands 23 inches at the withers. Shay is OFA certified for hip dysplasia, meaning she has a low risk of passing that to her pups. She has had 4 litters and is a wonderful and attentive momma to her puppies. Several are currently being trained as service dogs. 


The sire, Bauer, is a purebred red standard poodle with great genetic lines and clear DNA.  He is 3 years old and is just starting his career as a stud. He has a calm, mellow demeanor and is extremely smart. He weighs 45 pounds and stands 22 inches at the withers. He has also been examined for hip dysplasia by a vet and passed for good hips. 

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