about our F1bb 




Peach is an F1b from our program and she lives up to her name ~ she's a Peach!  She lives with our adult daughter but will be with us for the summer while our daughter finishes her master's degree. She weighs 40 pounds, 21" at the withers and has passed all of her health certifications and is DNA clear from all genetic maladies. She is super athletic, fun-loving and loyal. This will be her first litter at 2 years of age.


The sire, Axel, is a purebred AKC red parti poodle with great genetic lines and clear DNA. He has a sweet, easy-going demeanor and is quite intelligent. He weighs 28 pounds and stands 20 inches at the withers. His owner says he "prances around wherever he goes!" ~ now that's loving life! He is also 2 years old.