about our F1b parents:



Amber is our 5-year-old F1 Goldendoodle. She is the offspring of Shay, our Golden Retriever and Houston, a standard red poodle. Her demeanor is very calm and friendly with humans and dogs alike. She is smart and is eager to please. She has been cleared by our vet for hip dysplasia. Amber weighs 45 pounds and stands 23 inches at the withers. She has now had 4 large litters was the best mama dog ever!

The sire, Bauer, is a purebred red standard poodle with great genetic lines and clear DNA.  He is 4 years old. He has a calm, mellow demeanor and is extremely smart. He weighs 45 pounds and stands 22 inches at the withers. He has good hips, eyes and heart.