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 Amberdoodle Guarantee and Warranty


At Amberdoodles we breed goldendoodle puppies with the calm temperament as our top priority.  We are also partial to the "amber" coloring! The puppies are well socialized as they spend the first 2 months in our home. We get to know each individual puppy as we even give them names for our family to tell them apart. You are free to change the name, of course! We will send your puppy home with a "scent of mama" bandana to keep him /her feeling safe and secure!

Health Guarantee:
Our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time they go to your forever home. They will have their first shots, be microchipped and declared to be healthy by a licensed vet. We guarantee to disclose everything the vet finds, even small concerns. Puppies will have de-worming completed (weeks 2, 4,6 & 8).  If the puppy it is found to have any serious illness within the first week of going to your home, it may be returned within 36 hours of the veterinarian exam, along with the full vet report, for a full refund. A photo of your dog at one year of age and proof of spay/neuter is required to maintain the Health Guarantee for the following 2 years.

Health Warranty:
We have taken precautions to prevent any serious genetic issues from being passed along to your puppy. Both parents have been tested and passed genetic tests for their specific breeds. If your goldendoodle reaches 36 months of age and experiences a loss of quality of life due to a genetic disorder, the owner may choose to keep the dog and we will refund the vet fees up to the price of the puppy or give you a puppy from another litter.

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